Conveniently located in central Mississauga, our health & wellness clinic provides a complete range of treatments to help you move better, feel better and live better.

Our Mississauga Wellness Clinic

Located in the heart of the historical village of Streetsville, INNOVA Integrated Wellness Centre is a multidisciplinary wellness clinic that offers a full range of health services to help our patients move better, feel better and live better.

After more than 12 years of clinical experience and treating a wide range of ailments, Dr Lisa Ramsackal launched INNOVA Integrated Wellness Centre as a platform for collaborative and forward-thinking professionals to work together as a health management team for patients.

INNOVA’s health care team work together to offer up to date and trusted techniques and technologies in health and wellness diagnosis, treatment and prevention techniques. INNOVA patients benefit from a multi-disciplinary approach that ensures that they get the treatments they need.

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Health & Wellness Services We Provide

We offer a full range of health and wellness services to address muscle and joint pain, chronic illnesses and other health issues you might be dealing with.

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Our Health & Wellness Team

The health & wellness experts that you’ll find working at our clinic are the core of INNOVA Integrated Wellness Centre.

Our collaborative health team led by Dr. Lisa Ramsackal, consists of health care professionals that are highly sought out for their expertise, commitment to patient outcomes, dedication to continued learning and providing excellence in patient care.

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